We have 2 Kicktail Models available: The Indo Board Kicktail Pro consists of a 40” X 10” deck that is roughly the same size as a wakeskate and uses the Indo Original roller which is 6.5” in diameter.
The Indo Kicktail Pro is perfect for advanced riders that snowboard, wakeskate, wakeboard, kitesurf or participate in just about any other board sport. The second model offered in the Indo Kicktail Series is the Indo Board Mini Kicktail model. This model is designed specifically for skaters and wake skaters. It features a deck that is 32" x 8.75" and comes with our Mini Roller which is 5” in diameter. 
The Mini Kicktail is specifically designed for skaters and wake skaters that want to practice and perfect their tricks indoors when they are not able to skate.


Indo Board Kicktail models are made with premium grade, Baltic Birch plywood. Indo Board kicktail models thicker and are built to be stronger than traditional skateboard decks so that they hold up to the rigors of daily use and tricks such as big ollies. Just like skateboards, however, Indo Board kicktail models may break due to extreme tricks or abuse so use at your own risk. Since 1998 the Indo Board kicktail models have been the #1 brand of skateboard training tools available.

  • Deck dimensions: Pro model: 40” X 10”, Mini model: 32” X 8.75”

  • Roller size: Pro model: 6.5” diameter, Mini model: 5” diameter

  • Weight limit: PRO = 170 lbs | Mini = 140 lbs

  • Deck construction: Cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch plywood with non-slip surface

  • Roller construction: indestructible molded plastic with strips of grip tape

  • Includes: deck, roller and instructional DVD

  • Deck colors: Pro Model: Natural, Mini model: 2 colors (black or rasta)

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