The Japanese word CIZEN, pronounced "shee-zen", is a common noun that translates to mean "nature", as in human nature.
This is the philosophy we are looking to get and promote Products helping humans in better "natural" life.

We are main distributor of a variety of worldwide recognized sports- and self powering or self protecting products.  Many of our Products are helping your body to help himself.

Browse following unique Products at our site:

RayGuard® – the Human Firewall 

RayGuard® is a «human firewall« that can protect and strengthen us against many negative side effects of our modern lifestyle. Ancient knowledge about the enormous potency of plants, minerals, metals and the technical know-how of RayGuard® form the basis for the production and distribution of the RayGuard® products. The minerals and metals are finely ground and combined in specific proportions.  RayGuard® products have been amongst the most innovative of its kind on the market for more than 20 years.

Indo Board®

Indo Board has the mission of bringing the fun and benefits of balance board training to everyone. The Indo Board (derived from the word indoor) was designed to be used indoors so that everyone from kids to senior adults to professional athletes can enjoy the benefits of balance training and balance board exercises. The Indo Board was originally developed as an indoor surfing trainer to help surfers by providing balance training and core exercises that not only help beginner surfers learn to surf, but also provide advanced surfers with a balance board allowing them to perform surf workouts and advanced surf exercises anytime and anywhere. Top fitness trainers throughout the world have been using the Indo Board to train all levels of surfers since 1998.

Avantgarde Energetic®

Small Chip that makes the difference. With regard to those who are sensitive to electrosmog and the general need to protect themselves against the harmful rays, the Energy Badge has been developed. In doing so, we specifically focus on the synthesis of three core aspects.

Medical IN

For 30 years in research and distribution of ion energy products to increase performance, vitality and quality of life.The process allows negative ions to compress the environment and burn on silicate body. These silicate bodies are used in the various products of Medical IN and demonstrably serve to substantially increase our energy level, which we and all living beings need in everyday life.

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